Message From an Angel

We met at school and then we’re inseparable. At college we emailed, called, messaged each other anytime that we could. Overtime we parted but our connection was still there having spent a large amount of time together. 

I didn’t understand the reason for us parting, but the relationship we had together was unforgettable. A friendship full of happiness, laughter, jokes, fights, tears and love. So many stories, so many memories. 

Last night, you came into my dreams. We were celebrating something, I cried and held onto your arm confused and asking you questions. Then you left.
This morning I woke up and was told it’s your birthday…

You came to me for a reason during the night, I believe that. 

On this day, on your birthday, you were re-born and so was our friendship.

I will see you again soon 
x x


Sealife Aquarium

A trip to the Sealife Aquarium was a first for me.

And I LOVED every moment of it!

The sheer number of different types of fish on display was crazy. Coral reef, rock pools, star fishes (which I actually touched), seahorses, rays, sharks, jellyfish and turtles just to name a few!

As a nature and animal lover, the sheer beauty of the turtle (in particular) just swimming about literally brought tears to my eyes – I’m sad I know lol.

The place was a lot bigger than I thought too! As you walk around there is a large number of informative screens which inform the public on the type of fish, what it eats and how it functions. I couldn’t help but notice that a large number were also deemed on the verge of extinction.


Photography by X

It is estimated that at the worlds current rate of decline, most of the worlds fish stocks could collapse within out lifetimes. Over half a billion people are deemed to depend on fish for food and as you can imagine, this is extremely likely to result in a number of ecological consequences.

Ultimately, I feel like I learnt a great deal during my visit. I was in an extremely fortunate position to learn about important conservative issues in a fun, entertaining and upbeat manner. I’m a fan of documentaries, however fishing isn’t usually my go-to topic. Despite such issues being deemed rather depressing , I was well informed about very important matters through an exciting, and memorable positive experience. As result, I feel like I have retained the information well and more inclined to pass it on! Not only do I feel more optimistic but also more pro-active about marine conservation.

I suppose that’s the good thing about my experience. I know it’s not to late to make a difference. There are a number of things we all can do to sustainably recover fish stocks. For example, we can stop buying fish from badly managed stocks, or refuse to buy fish caught with damaging methods. No matter where we work or shop, we can all make this change which will eventually lead to long-term benefits for all.


Photography by X


Take me back to my younger days

As an adult, we have so much to think about, so much to do and responsibilities which soon build up. Sometimes we feel weak but don’t want to show it. We may feel problems arise from nowhere, and that there is a solution but it takes forever to find it or get there.

At the moment I feel trapped. I am struggling to find the independence I need due to rules I have to abide. Even if there is no respect, I have to follow the guidelines otherwise there will be consequences. You could say I am stuck between being an adult and a child, confused at which way to go or what routine I should be in. I will not bore you further with my problems even though it helps to look at other people’s issues rather than your own.

I have created bullet points of ways to stay mindful and relax when times are hard. It is always important to create time for yourself. Even when you don’t have the energy to do certain activities, there are other ways to release tension or feelings of anxiety, depression or anger.

  • Stick on a Disney movie – The reason to why I titled this blog ‘Take me back to my younger days’ and not ’10 ways to be mindful’ is because of this first bullet point! When I had this feeling of sadness and self-doubt, I felt stuck and confused. I sat in my room going over things in my head and my soul felt weaker and weaker. After a while, I put on my tablet and Alice in Wonderland popped up on my movie search. I instantly forgot about everything and sat on top of my bed feeling 10 years old again watching a Disney movie! Like I said before, if you feel like you are unable to move which is a typical symptom of depression, just a movie will take you back and all feelings of stress, anxiety, responsibilities will disappear.walt-disney-studios
  • Pot painting – Well any kind of painting! Recently, I was given a box of paints with an additional box of pots. I was asked to use my creative art skills to paint them so that they could be sold onto customers. Every evening after I had done my daily tasks, I would display all my art collectives on the table, put on some music and begin to paint. It was so soothing, relaxing and took up my full concentration. I felt like it was a great way to stay mindful in the moment and just take my mind of anything that was happening around me. Not only did it work for me but it attracted others to join in and get involved. It really was a stress release from work, relationships, daily struggles or just a time out. This was such a popular activity with everyone, I could have had a pot painting party! (Trust me, its cooler than it sounds)
  • Colouring Book – When you were younger, buying your first set of colouring pens, spilling them all out on the floor and hypnotised by all the colours was an amazing feeling was it not? So many colours, so much choice that you just ended up picking them all and scribbling around any space you found in the room. Yep… I know.Even reading and writing this, the feeling of joy comes rushing back to me again but its better when you actually re-live the moment, trust me. In shops like Tesco or The Works, you will find Adult Colouring books with different kinds of themes and patterns in them. There are animal ones, flower ones, even Harry Potter! I have a colouring book called ‘Mindfulness Companion’ which is a small book that allows me to colour in pages as well as completing small writing tasks. It is the best thing you will buy. Not only do I have one but so does my family now and my partner just bought his own (and stole my colouring pens). Give it a go… you don’t know till you try…
  • Take a walk – I am not telling you to run a marathon or dress up for a catwalk, just a walk down the road does a lot more than you think. Being cooped up in one space for a long time or stuck in your emotions can only lead to further mind-boggle… walk it out. You might think its effort to quickly put on a pair of joggers and sweater, but as soon as you step out into the fresh air, your mind becomes clearer.

Moment of thought:
Did you know that focusing on one object in your head, analysing it and questioning it increases your life expectancy? Use your brain to explore rather than destruct!

  • Writing – If you’re not talking to someone about the way you feel then writing it down helps to express all your emotions. By writing everything down means you are able to go back and work out what the cause is and to then find a solution. Some people can work this out straight away and take small steps to come back to the present moment. For others, it takes some time, but with these bullet points, you should be able to work through building a positive and healthy lifestyle once again!
  • Watching your favourite episode – similarly to watching your favourite Disney film. Every time I would come back from school, I would throw my bag onto the sofa and switch on the TV. Okay, after that I’d get shouted at and told to get changed out my uniform, but then stick on my favourite programme, Charmed. Mum would come into the room holding my warm cup of milk with two sugars and I would sink into the sofa, with my eyes glued onto the screen. Years and years later, I sit here watching the same episodes thinking mum will walk in any moment with my cup of milk. My point is, this is something I have watched since I was small and it’s something which I have carried on years and years later. It makes me feel comfortable and at home wherever I am, no many how many times I’ve seen it.The same goes for the show Friends. I have recently begun to watch it properly again and absolutely find it hilarious! The way the show is setup makes me feel warm and laugh with all the contrasting characters. I watch it so much that my partner recently just bought the F.R.I.E.N.D.S t-shirt by Warner Bros! So go watch your favourite childhood programme, whether it be Arthur, Hey Arnold, Mona the Vampire, Jungle Run, Art Attack or Finger Tips! You’ll be surprised at how quickly the memories coming rushing back to you.

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S T-Shirt

  • For depression, get a companion – Depression is an illness which can take over without you realising. Even when you do, you feel like it’s a mission to get out of it. I have spoken to a few therapists who have told me that one way of getting a patient out of depression is to tell them to get a dog. It sounds like a big responsibility and it is. But a dog gives you something to focus on as well as the love you need to give you a purpose. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted a dog, but wasn’t allowed because of school and work. If these are the same circumstances as yourself, then join your nearest RSPCA and adopt a dog for as long as you want, whenever you want to – a rewarding job where you’re not just helping yourself but doing a lot more.


  • Book a Holiday – Why would you want to hide yourself away when there is so much of the world to see? Recently I travelled to Bournemouth (which you will find on the Travels page) and although it wasn’t a plane journey away, I was still discovering something different, something I hadn’t seen before but heard about. Experiencing the world will give you an open mind, meet new people and delve into a completely new way of life and into a new culture. Ah… I might just plan a trip now!

    Click onto our 'Travel' page

    Click onto our ‘Travel’ page

There are many points I could give you and if you would like more information then please message us on the Contact Us page on the blog. X who is our trained psychologist, can help you to overcome your problems as well as other helplines which are listed below. If you feel stuck, then I recommend doing these activities. Remember it’s all in the mind and you have the power to control it…

 – Y –

The Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery based in Chelsea is one of my favorite museums – ever.



… because it provides aspiring, unknown artists a platform to launch their careers!


The Saatchi Gallery often displays a number of exhibitions by artists who are commonly unknown by the public, as well as the industry. It’s been labelled as the Museum of Contemporary Art for London and thus, is often a target of a lot of criticism and media controversy based on the nature of the art displayed.


The Gallery has a superb quirky website that offers the wider public the opportunity to gain a sneak peak of past current and future exhibitions. It also offers free admission as well as free membership offers! .. This way not only can the artists work be seen by a greater audience, but it’s great for the wider public to see the weird and wonderful things our imagination and creativity can achieve!

Let’s not forget to mention the various workshops available! This can range from actually contributing to a piece of art on behalf of an artists, fashion illustration to experimental dyes. Note that all are available to everyone at any age! however young children may need to be accompanied by an adult due to nudity, explicitness and sheer nature of some work.

I really can’t recommend this place enough. Be sure to visit and take advantage of the Saatchi Shop available at the end of your visit! It literally has the best books available at reasonably decent prices too! I always end up purchasing at least two from the INTRODUCING Graphic Guides collection .



Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road

Opening Times:

Monday – Sunday 10am-6pm,
last entry 5:30pm

Photography by X will be captioned as so.


Peanut Photography

We are proud to announce a weird yet wonderful new member to our XnYStyle team… Mr Parmjit Singh from Peanut Photography!



After an awesome test shoot together with our gorgeous little man, Marley, we were excited to have Peanut Photography on board for upcoming shoots! What we loved about Parm was that he had similar ideas and concepts as us and wanted to create images out of the norm. If we are able to experiment with ideas, whats going on around us and make it into art, it will speak a thousands words.

A little message from Parm:

‘I wanted to meet new up and coming models, help them out in some way and also to shoot more edgier, progression shots of Asian women to show their different sides and diversity. Exploring identities and cultures was something I was interested in and therefore contacted Aman and Emine. We met on the streets of East London and they bought their guard dog along. I don’t blame them; after all I was a complete stranger. We sat and chatted for an hour. I chat a lot. I ate some food, they watched me eat then we hit the main streets. We spent an hour shooting in a smelly warehouse area that you see in the shots. It was quick but we had a great time and I think we got some cool results. 

I am looking forward to working with the girls again soon. We want to create some cool, unique and out of the ordinary concepts which will inspire you and make you think differently. Lets bring news, history and art together to make something extraordinary.’


Facebook Page:

#XnYStyle #PeanutPhotography #Collaborations


When it comes to supporting our local community, I am all for it! So when I drove to Hornchurch in Essex, I noticed Danni’s boutique open. I had driven past the shop numerous times before but never been inside and therefore thought why not just pop in!


The shop is named after the TOWIE star, Danni Armstrong which means it is a hot-spot for the TOWIE tours and anyone visiting Essex!


The interior inside was lovely and well thought of in regards to attention to detail. There was space to walk around and to also try items on.

Debbie, who is the mother Danni and manager of the store, assisted me and encouraged me to try on the gorgeous pieces they had in store.. then again, I needed no encouragement and couldn’t wait to try everything on!

Cindy Jumpsuit

~ Cindy Jumpsuit ~

This was my favourite item of clothing which was £45. I loved how sophisticated it looked, with the ‘off the shoulder’ style, the colour (nudes are my fav) and not to mention how comfortable it was! You could tell the material was long-lasting, stretchy and thick so could be worn anywhere and everywhere! Like Debbie said, “it can be worn as formal wear or for parties, even weddings!” I didn’t want to take it off..

(Sorry, I had to cover my bare face, it was a quick visit to Hornchurch!)

~ Ellie Jumpsuit ~

~ Ellie Jumpsuit ~

Next, was the Berry coloured Ellie Jumpsuit, also £45. Although, we loved the colour, I didn’t think it suited me as much as the previous jumpsuit. However, I would still recommend it as it was super comfortable and great for events coming up to Christmas! The low front looked sexy, yet still keeping it classy and practical.



This was picked out by Debbie, as I told her I have too many dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits! She said that although it is a two-piece, they could also be purchased separately. Again, the colour was beautiful against my skin-tone and material was thick and fitted. The sleeves hugged my arms, so I didn’t need to worry about pulling it up or down as the outfit moulded itself onto my body. The skirt had a laces on either side, giving it a subtle design. It was a nice relaxed, casual outfit.


Lastly, I went back to trying on another jumpsuit! However, this was quite different to the last two I tried on. The material was light polyester and was pleated so that it was easy to put on and pull off. Compared to the others, I thought this was quite casual yet could still be worn to parties as the colour is striking. I love these kind of jumpsuits as they really are easy to wear whenever you’re in a rush or just want to dress up but be cosy at the same time.

Not only does Danni’s boutique do clothing, but they also statement jewellery. There were so many designs that I wanted to try on and absolutely loved!! If you would like to see the full collection then please click onto:

NOTE: Some of the items above which I have tried on are not yet on the website. If you are interested in purchasing, then contact the store on 01708 450851.


Thank you Debbie for your assistance and I am sure I will be back soon for another browse around!

Y Style

Road Trip: Bournemouth


After a thrill ride in Kent driving a Lamborghini and Ferarri, the next day I took another day trip to Bournemouth with my handsome other half!

(Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for the video!!)

Bournemouth beach is known as one of the safest beaches in the UK. Snugged beneath a sublime cliff-line, the shoreline relishes in its own micro-climate. No matter what the temperature, the beach has something for everyone even if its just enjoying the therapeutic views. Whether you’re sitting in a deckchair soaking in the sounds of the shore or strolling along the traditional seaside piers, Bournemouth is the ideal location for a weekend trip away or even a day trip just to admire the surroundings.


It was the first time we went to sandy beach together, so on arrival our shoes flew off and the sand quickly hugged our feet. There was a moment of silence before we looked up at each other smiling and again, skipped towards the rough and excited waters.


When continuing our walk, taking in the sites around us, we noticed an Aquarium nearby as well as small shops and cafes for food and drink. It was so nice how everything was close by and there was always something to stop off and visit.


It would have been a wasted journey if we didn’t take a stroll on the pier! Adult tickets were £1.10 each and was well worth it, making it the perfect location for a few ‘selfies’ and to capture the beautiful sites so that it was a memory we would take away forever…


Just a few more pictures..



– Y Style –

Durdle Door


..Journey there.. (Scroll to the bottom for video)

Durdle Door, located 50 minutes from Bournemouth Beach was definitely a site to see. Having been here before and climbed the hills to take in the spectacular views, I never realised how amazing the sites actually were..


With it being all natural, the rocks that the arch is formed of is said to be approximately 140 years of age and therefore being situated in the Jurassic Coastline. Durdle Door is not only the most historical place to visit when going to Dorset, but is also visited by thousands of tourists daily.

You may have seen a glimpse of the beach in the film Nanny Mcphee as it is a famous geological wonder of the world! There are stairs to go down to the beach and back up again and let me tell you.. it was without a doubt a pretty heavy workout! Six tons of filming equipment was taken down to the beach by helicopter when the scene was being filmed, and I definitely needed some sort of transportation to get up and down!


Once we did make it to the bottom, we lay down on the rocky coastline closing our eyes and used our senses to be mindful of where we were. It was so calm and relaxing to just think of nothing but the sounds of the waves pushing against the rocks and taking in breaths of fresh air. The powerful works of nature. Even Amit said to me, “nature gives everything and asks for nothing in return.”




Janaan – Premiere

On the 13th September, 2016 we had the privilege of working at the premiere launch of the film Janaan in the o2 Arena. Since the movie came to London, it had already been announced as one of the top 10 films talked about within the UK!

Photography - Syed PR-Events

Photography – Syed PR-Events

Janaan, (Urdu for Beloved) was produced as a romantic comedy, set in Pakistan directed by Azfar Jafri, written by Osman Khalid Butt and co-produced by Imran Raza Kazmi, Hareem Farooq, Reham Khan and Munir Hussain. The music in the film is already popular with one of the songs sang by my favourite vocalist who has an outstanding voice, Sherya Ghoshal.

Although the film is based around romance and is written in a way which entertains, there are other themes within the story. Child abuse is just one aspect covered as well as the importance of education. Not only is this a heartfelt movie, but it also carries a strong social message to its viewers.

The actors and actresses did an amazing job entertaining the crowd with their flawless acting and wowed the fans with their gorgeous looks! The vote for best looking was between Bilal Ashraf who played Asfandyar Khan and Ali Rehman Khan who played Daniyal Khan. I think the winner was Bilal Ashraf as he played the shy, young handsome guy who the leading protagonist, Meena falls in love with.


We both had an amazing time covering the event and became good friends with co-producer, Imran Raza Kazmi! Another fellow Gemini like Emine 😉  While the film went on, we spoke for a while and got to know one another as well as his passion for creating films and how much effort went into creating Janaan.

It all paid off in the end as the premiere was an amazing turnout and the response was phenomenal! It is definitely a film worth seeing in cinema, so if you haven’t already, then go now and book your tickets!!

A little message from our friend Imran Kazmi x

v A few more familiar faces I saw on the night!! v


Credits: B4U MUSIC – IRK Films – ARY Films – B4U Films


Foam Photography Exhibition

The Foam Photography museum, based in Amsterdam, is one of the leading international photography organisations located in a beautiful old-school looking canal house at one of Amsterdam central canals. The Interior is designed with a mix of both original architectural features as well as modern designs which give of a super artistic ambiance for all museum go-ers (museaum go-ers unite! lol). With large glass windows positioned perfectly to highlight all unique photographs, its hard to leave such an authentic and kwerky place!


Thats me! ^

The museum updates and rotates its show often, often displaying small exhibits of different international artists at the same time. Its a great way to give an audience a chance to observe and analyse both world famous artists and photographers as well as up coming new talented individuals!


 In addition the FOAM organizes workshops, publishes its own magazine and sells limited editions of photographs. The museum collaborates with MTV to present each year an annual show featuring the works of young talent.


Show your support and explore!