X n Y

After completing full time studies and progressing onto two very different paths, this blog brings together the lives of two companions, sharing their thoughts and experiences with you. Although their styles and interests may differ, both are seemingly complimentary to one another!

Steering away from the stereotypical named “Fashion Bloggers,” X n Y aim to bring a casual, fun atmosphere, whilst engaging with their own individual perspectives on different (maybe controversial) topics.

Because of their diverse posts, they are eminently active with their readers- so be sure to contribute your stories, experiences and inspirations onto the website! You can do this by contacting us directly on the Contact Us page or leave a message under your favourite posts.

Who are X n Y?


I’m – formally known as Emine.  I have completed my MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology and currently work in mental health at the Priory Hospital. I have a super keen interest in all things mind and behaviour, yet also have a slight fascination for things that cant be scientifically explained. I’m a super avid reader and aim for at least 2 books per months based on a variety of topics.

Anyways, I plan on contributing to all areas of this site, particularly the lifestyle category as I am hoping to include articles inspired by Travels, Food, Quirky places, Art, Photography and Activities to do in and around London!

…But obviously what female doesn’t enjoy a bit of fashion and beauty too 🙂

Note that all images taken by myself will be captioned as ‘Photography by X’.



I’m Y, commonly known as Aman. I have a Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, yet love to indulge in all forms of art. As an international model, I am always on the move and working on many different/exciting projects! Previous shoots and assignments include, London / India / Pakistan Fashion Week; Top Model UK Grand Finalist; Miss Essex Top 5; Manish Malhotra (100 years of Indian Cinema) and many more renowned shows, shoots, adverts and documentaries.

Alongside modelling, my current job title is ‘Features Editor’ for The National Asian Wedding Magazine. I have also worked for Chanel as a Beauty Consultant as well as for Christian Louboutin’s Beauty Launch in the hustle and bustle of Bond Street, Selfridges.
I am eager to share my memoirs with you so that we can all embark on this journey together. Hopefully it will lead to newer adventures and greater wisdom!

We both love: Exploring, Travelling, Acting Wild (sometimes you need to just “let it go”), Reading, Dancing, Afrobeats, Fashion, Beauty, Food (Emine eats like a horse) and, erm, basically everything!

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Snapchat: @mnakyri

Twitter: _AmandeepDhami_

Main – https://www.facebook.com/mna.kyri?fref=ts
Y Main Page https://www.facebook.com/amandeep.dhami
Y Model Page – https://www.facebook.com/amandeepdmodel/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPF-z0IkF3SKoe62qc3lsQ

                                                                     So enjoy ya’ll!  x



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