“That’s Berry Daring!”


Y Beauty –

Looking after your body and keeping a healthy lifestyle is always important. One thing I slightly obsess over are my nails and updating them nearly every week! After working on the Rouge Louboutin project in Selfridges, my appreciation for nail art developed over time.

In the image above, I am wearing That’s Berry Daring by OPI. My whole nail collection is by OPI as the quailty of the polish is immaculate – evidently seen in the picture… 😉 The brush gives you full control as it’s quite heavy and you only need one coat. With a thick vanish and natural gloss, one coat really does do the trick, however a second layer enhances and deepens the colour, making it last longer.

Love is Hot and Coal

Love is Hot and Coal

My newest purchase is called Love is Hot and Coal which is a dark brown as shown in the image ^

I have always been into my browns and nudes and last year brown was said to be a popular colour trend for 2016. So if you haven’t already experimented then go ahead and mix up your palettes!


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