HoliLand; Festival of Colours

 The day after Holika’s body burnt through the fire, the crowd came together applying ash to their foreheads. This was a symbol of triumph… a symbol of good defeating evil.

HoliLand B

 Event – 18th March “16 – 338 Studio

We celebrated Holi at 338 Studio in Greenwich, London. The venue was brilliant! There was a spacious out door part of the club where we threw coloured powder (rather aggressively)  at each other and at other party go-ers! There was even a small section for people who fancied a bit of outdoor shisha!

Thanks to Naz Choudhury, Director and Producer of BollyFlex Entertainment, we had VIP treatment, access to the stage, private table, drinks and managed to vibe with the DJ’s too.

Although it was an all day event, we made our way in the evening so we could enjoy our first, proper night out together! Considering we were celebrating Holi, things were going to get messyyyyy! (Literally). So be sure to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty…


(note how clean we look)

Fashion Style –

X, wore a vintage colored bomber jacket (from a Charity Shop) alongside a plain grey speckled long top (from H&M), Plain black thermal leggings (Primarni, aka Primark) and a pair of Grey Dr Martin Boots (from Office)

Y, wore a plain white vest top (from H&M) with a dusky long purple top covering it. A white hoody (from American Eagle Outfitters) was put on top for warmth and comfort as well as showing off the bright Holi powder! Black leggings, and glossy black trainer/shoes (from Top Shop) to finish the look.


(Did i mention it was a messy night?)

Hair and Makeup –

X & Y – As for makeup, we went for a dark, hippy / gothic look with focus on our purple crayon lipstick. Long lasting, so no need for topping up and doesn’t move at all!! We thought as it’s an evening event, the purple lips go with the night and the story of Holi. Not only that, but the colour also contrasted well with the vibrant colours thrown on us throughout the night!

Y – Before the night, I tied my hair in two fish tail plaits so that in the morning my hair would be curly. Once the evening came, I put a drop of Moroccan Oil at the tip of my ends and tied it half up. This was the first time I created this look and thought it was fun, out the way and funky. It also gives an illusion that your hair is longer and thicker, so I would definitely try it next time you go out! If you’re an “enthusiastic” dancer like me as the night progresses lol, then the half ponytail is good to flick around too 😉

X – Luckily for me, I straightened my super curly 3a/3b curls 2 days before hand so i kept it simply straight with a clean cut side parting. – my hair was due for a wash anyways 🙂


We would also definitely recommended 338 Studio for any event, as the place is capable of holding a large capacity with a great atmosphere and cool people! The employees were professional and security were top notch (S/O to the security man who almost started on X loll).

 Our Experience at 338 Studio, Greenwich5 Star

Happy Holi!!



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