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Strike a Pose

Magazine: Glamour UK – Nails: OPI, Suzi Loves Cowboys – Blueberry Muffin, Aldi – Ring: Accessorize

Since the age of 15, modelling has been a big part of my life. It has been something I have grown up with and know all about! From developing my walk to perfecting my pose. It sounds easy yet there is more to it then just walking and just posing. You have to be confident, know your body, bone structure and be always be ready to improve, improvise and accustom yourself to the brief that you are given.

One thing I dislike being asked is what designer I am inspired by, or who within the fashion industry I follow. The answer to this is that my surroundings and mood inspire me. Yes I like to look-up fashion news or delve into my monthly Glamour magazine or follow trends on-line. However, I do not continuously attach myself to one designer or trend! It is good to research but just remember, you are your own genius before any others in whichever industry you’re involved in!


Beauty Shoot

I loved this read – Strike a Pose in Glamour UK magazine. As a visual / creative individual, I was attracted firstly attracted by the vintage layout of the text. I am one of those people who analyse everything! I infatuate myself over America’s Next Top Model and have all the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Shows recorded on my TV – wishing I was one of them. My sister once said to me, “God you’re obsessed with America’s Next Top Model aren’t you. Your head is on-top of the TV!” She was right. My eyes were glued onto the screen whilst I examined each task and judged the models as they strut their stuff.  I’ve always wanted to be a judge on a show – I think I’d be a good one! Although I cannot stand Tyra Bank’s overacting on the programme, I prefer it over Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. Right now I am currently watching the Miss India 2016 competitions and observing the girls. Manish Malhotra is on the panel ( a renowned Indian Designer) who I got to work with and model his clothing. Amazing experience..

All this model talk and model life has steered me into adding this new category to share my experiences with you as I cannot get enough of modelling and the creativity behind it! I will take you behind the scenes of all my modelling shoots and shows and write about my previous incredible work I have done…


Designer: Mohsin Ali

Competitions Include:
– Miss Essex, Top 5 winner for Judges Choice
– Top Model UK 2013, Grand Finalist

Fashion Shows:
– London Fashion Week 13 / 14
– Showstopper for the Grand Sapphire Wedding show and Exhibition, Croydon
– Fashion Show for Forest Venue, Wedding Fair
– Pakistan Fashion Week 8 – Fashion Show
– Stand Model for ‘Mongas’ at the Asiana Bridal Show with Miss Brazil
– Fashion Show for the Asian Bride Live
– Fashion Show for The National Asian Wedding Show
– Fashion Show for Eid in the Trafalgar Square – AsianBride – ZeeTV
– Fashion Show for Manish Malhotra – One Hundred Years of Indian Cinema
– Fashion Show for Umar Sayeed
– Fashion Show Taxheeb London
– Fashion Show Strand of Silk
– Fashion Show Vah Models

– Model for Roshni Ladva Hair & Makeup Academy
-Fashion Shoot Omar Mansoor’s Wimbledon Collection 14
– Fashion Shoot Pink tree Company – Show Cased in Dubai
-Fashion Shoot for Mohsin Ali
-Fashion Shoot Dar’s Hairdressing Academy
-Fashion Shoot Kushbu Fashions – Website
-Face Model for Chanel – Head Offices

-Live Model on ZEE TV for Inspiration Couture
-Model for PureJewels – Documentary – National Geographic Channel
-Phone4U Christmas Advert 12

– Cover of FHM Pakistan – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
– Asians UK

– Asian Bride
– The National Asian Wedding Magazine


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