V&A – Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

A treat to myself from the V&A

A treat to myself from the V&A

‘Lingerie isn’t about seduction,
it’s about being a woman.’
– Dita Von Teese, Burlesque artiste

‘Never underestimate the importance of lingerie.
Worn to preserve our modesty as well as support and shape our bodies, gorgeous underwear also has the power to change how a woman looks, feels, and conducts herself. It is the foundation of personal style, a reflection of a lady’s innermost passions, and a sensual secret that only she, the wearer, chooses to conceal or reveal.’
– The Bare Essentials, A Passion for lingerie by Tracy Martin

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Exhibition: London, Kensington – On until Sunday 12th March 2017

Today I visited the V&A museum to learn about the history of lingerie.
I myself regard lingerie as a hidden secret chosen by oneself out of comfort or pleasure. It is private, even mysterious to the outside world that only you yourself are aware of.

Although women may compare under-garments to materials such as make-up or shoes, lingerie is a symbol of ones individuality. The design not only represents how a woman regards her body, but it also gives her great poise and self-confidence.

Many of us judge each other or ourselves for looking too thin or too plump, and therefore are our own tyrants! However, brush a little lace, ribbon, pearls and ruffles against our skins and we instantly have an adoration for ourselves.

Lingerie is something which I have thought about for a long period of time and therefore could write paragraphs and pages about it. Be that as it may, I will leave you with one thing…
Lingerie is not something to be immediately be associated with sex or sexual pleasure, rather it is a necessity for our ourselves.

Try it, enjoy it and please yourself…

V&A - Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

 5/5 Stars – Great day out!


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