X N Y:

On Saturday 14th May, 2016, we organised a photoshoot in an amazing location, situated in West London. Our Hair and Make-up was done by Kelly Rai, (full details below), and our brilliant photographer was Amit Gopeenauth who captured some great moments!

Unfortunately, we were unable to wear the designers beautiful bridal collection as she had lost contact with us while we were on the way to the shoot! That however, did not stop us from exploring the old mansion grounds we were in and still photographing the scenic views as well as having fun along the way.

Here are just some of the picture we took during the day – some professional and some just showing our true X n Y Style !



Hair & Make-up: Kelly Rai
Contact Number: 07909798251

Private Photographer: Amit Gopeenauth

Models: Amandeep Dhami & Emine Kyriacou

Location: West London

NOTE: If sharing any of these pictures on social media, please add credited names!!


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