La Visage – Competition Showdown

On Sunday 12th June, Roshni Ladva outdid herself once again! Unlike other established Makeup Artists, Roshni shows her passion and devotion to the industry by organising a fun, exciting and entertaining show for everyone to enjoy!

Those who graduate from the ‘Roshni Ladva Hair and Makeup Training Academy’ are able to partake in a competition set up by Roshni and Sundar Events (part of Sundar Weddings). Throughout the day, filming and photography was captured by Qaiser Azim as well as channel B4U (Sky 781) filming for their show ‘Talk of the Town,’ which will be coming to your screens soon.



A week before the show began, Makeup Artists were allocated a Model for them to create their show-stopping look! My fabulous artist was Kavita Birdi (full info below) and we were chosen as number one, opening for the show.

After the look was decided, it was competition day! The studio room was spacious and professional with Makeup Artist tables, white flooring and huge windows bringing in natural light.
There was a recorded briefing to all Makeup Artists and Models before the timer was set, and artists were given approximately 5 minutes to decide on which outfit and jewellery would suit their chosen look. The clothing was sponsored by Charmi Creations as well as the beautiful classical jewellery by Kyles Collection.


Once Makeup Artists were back to their stations, the timer was reset to 1 hour 30 minutes. Roshni and her co-partner Maggie gave a short and motivational speech, telling everyone to relax, to enjoy themselves and to just have fun!

Kavita was slightly anxious to see my reaction to her chosen look, but I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to begin. It was full of bold colours, different shapes and very unique – something I had never had done before.


Organisation and attention to detail was on par throughout the day and each duo were given a helper. We were well looked after, given food and drink when needed which was brilliant as it was a long day starting at 10 in the morning. Each Model had to wear a plain black vest top, and we were all given silky black gowns to wear in-case we got cold. Phones were not allowed whilst the competition was taking place so were put on silent and collected in a box. It was all well thought of and I was very impressed.

I tried to rest as much as possible whilst my makeover was being done as we still had hair, outfit change and quick rehearsals before people arrived at 6pm for the main fashion show-down! However, I was too excited and couldn’t resist taking quick sneak previews to see the progress of Kavita’s work, and it was amazing. I especially loved the dark colour on my lips contrasting with the green on my eyes.


“Timers up, makeup brushes down please.”

The final look was complete and it was time for a breather! We all sat down on the sofas in the room and had something to eat and drink before it was time for the hair to be done. Phones were given back and all models began clicking away taking selfies of course! Our phones in one hand, sandwiches in the other 😛
We were then individually taken to get dressed, and again more pictures were taken! Instead of going for typical Indian wear, Kavita chose a lovely dress which had a traditional western feel to it.



With my beaut Sheenal Patel


We went back to our stations and the timer was reset for the hair to be done. Kavita went for a large up-do which had around 5 wig pieces stuck into my head! Roshni messaged me after saying that I am now ‘officially known as the girl with the bad headache.’ Haha! So true, but I couldn’t complain as it looked incredible. We decided not to add jewellery as the look itself was quite overpowering. However, we did go for a hair piece which finished the masterpiece.

Kavita and I had worked really well together, motivating each other and ending up finishing before the alarm went off, giving us time to perfect the look. People walking by waved at us through the windows and we waved back! They took pictures and stood watching as the pressure mounted within the room.

“Hair brushes down guys!”

Voila… the finished look was completed and I felt fabulous!! I felt like I was in the hunger games with my Editorial, Dystopian look.



Now it was time for the photo-shoot in a studio across the street. We all walked in single file like a school trip and Roshni held onto my arm. I asked her how she felt and she replied, “I feel sick!” Haha, not quite the response I was thinking but shows how much involvement she has with her work. She told me that this was her passion and expressed her love for the industry which made me love her and her work furthermore.

The photo-shoot location was an incredible pick as all models had a very creative and distinct look. The Victorian-like surroundings matched our appearance and we merged right in getting the shots straight away. I told my favourite little helper, Druti to take pictures on my phone in the other rooms before we walked back into the studio and they turned out even better!


It was 6pm and people began to arrive. The tables were removed from the room and 7 chairs were placed against one of the walls for the judges to watch the show. Of course there wouldn’t be a competition without judges and Roshni got the best from the industry.


Qaiser Azam at work!

Qaiser Azam at work!

All of us Models sat outside together hiding from the main studio room. We were interviewed by presenter Attika Choudhury for B4U about our look and how we felt. We then all sat in a circle talking a bit about our interesting selves and had a laugh along the way with snacks given to us!

When the music began, we lined up in our orders and I was the first to walk out with lights, eyes and cameras in my direction. As I reached the front of the judges, I did a striking pose. My face turned slightly right with the net of my hat covering my left eye and I placed my right hand on the tip of my shoulder. As I walked to the next podium, Model number two was cued on until we were all out and standing on our spots!


Next was Q&A. I didn’t expect to be asked a question, but I was! The show presenter asked me my name and what I thought of the look to which I answered how I loved that it was bold, very Editorial with a Dystopian feel. The judges then gave a Q&A to my Makeup Artist Kavita.

After all Makeup Artists were interviewed, it was decision time… Our professional pictures by Qaiser Azam Photography which were took during the day were presented on the big screen before the winner was announced.

“The winner is…. Malvee Vaja with her model Bhumi Kailasi!”

Winner Bhumi

Winner Bhumi

We clapped as she collected her prize, and stood altogether for our final group picture! The competition was complete and it was an overall great day. I saw and met familiar faces in the audience before rushing to take my hair down!

I was really proud of my Makeup Artist and more so proud of Roshni and her team! It was exciting to be part of the event as I was made to feel like part of the team and family. Roshni’s natural warm nature and persona make’s you feel at home and you have an instant connection with her.

If you are looking to get married or in search of a Makeup Artist, I would recommend Roshni or her team as you will be getting the best of the best! Please read below for full information or information of how you can apply to train at the academy!


Roshni Ladva:
020 8427 9966/07932 611367

Sundar Events:
0207 127 84 83

Kavita Birdi:

Qaiser Azam:

Asiana TV & B4U

Neha Bhatt

Aman Dhiraj, Ayesha Ziya, Erum Masood, Javed Husain, Lesley Chivers, Mani Kohli & Trusha

Urban Veda, Arbonne, Asian Bride, Ayesha Ziya Fragrances, BABTAC, Charmi Creations, Cyndeo, Events, Daksha’s Gourmet Catering, Inglot, Kyles Collection, Lisa Jayne Millinery, MAC & Red Chilli Studios

Limited Edition Asiana Mag - Goody-bags of Professional Skin-care products :)

Limited Edition Asiana Mag – Goody-bags of Professional Skin-care products 🙂


I found myself on the advert for Roshni – The Makeup Studio in Asiana Magazine! – Summer Edition

13726809_10154401480948993_6784325464878946073_n As seen in Asiana Magazine


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