Every Fashionista must love the brand PrettyLittleThing! Well, they only went and created a competition looking for ‘three influential babes’ with a ‘killer sense of style and confidence’ to represent their brand… I know! Amazing right?!

The winner of the comp not only gets to create monthly features for the site, social media, emails and on the PLT Blog, but also recieves monthly clothing allowance.. okay, literally just died.

So, as a Fashion fanatic myself and totally into my styling etc, I had ago at creating my own unique look! I interwined my culture with modernism, and expressed myself using my surroundings and the boldness of the look. Of course I made sure I captured the true PLT image as well as having a lot of fun on the rooftop of my house!

This is what we got…


My passion for creativity was expressed here through movement, colour and my surroundings. At last, instead of writing (which I devote myself too), I was able to create a CV using just visual aspects. With positive thinking and hardwork, this is my chance to prove myself and share my love for the industry. However, whether or not I am successful in this competition, I had an awesome time creating these images!

Credits to photographer and YouTuber: Sunny Kambo (KamboLife)


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