Open Day & Dogs Trust

“London will see temperatures hitting 26 degrees today, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day!”  As I sat cross-legged on the sofa listening to the weather man, I meditated on the thought of what clothing I should pick out today. Those who live in England can relate to when I say that climate change is quite unpredictable when it comes to London or the UK for that matter! One minute there is heatwave, and the next there are thunderstorms and flashes of lightening to follow thereafter.

Disregarding these minor factors, I had it written in my dairy weeks before of attending an opening day for Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary in Upminster! Unfortunately, when it comes to finding things to do in my area, it is quite difficult to find out what is going on and therefore I miss-out on showing my support in my local area. It is nice to go local rather than travelling into London 24/7!

Every Friday my dad buys the Romford Recorder which tells the locals what is going on in Essex on the weekend and who is doing what, so this is where I found the advertisement:


The drive was swiftly pleasant and we arrived within 20 minutes, no traffic. Their were people walking in and out with their dogs and holding new purchases. Because of the glorious weather, the event was organised in the outside open space. A cue formed by the entrance to where we found individuals gathering as many fresh cakes and drinks as they could in each hand.
As we walked further, we split on the fork of a pathway to the right and visited the dogs who were out for re-homing. Sadly we were conceded to view them from a distance which was distressing for the animals along with us.

We returned this time to the left-side of the fork to find a dog show going on. There were dogs of all sizes and I was tempted to pick a few up to take back home! Luckily, I was tamed from doing so! After watching the show and the little ‘award ceremony’, we returned to the stalls making our way back to my car. I couldn’t help myself to buy freshly made candy-floss on my return as the smell of fried onions and sweets watered my tongue whilst we walked.


Once we sat back in the car, we decided to go to Basildon and visit the Dogs Trust centre as it was only a 20 minute drive from Upminster. I had always wanted to go to see the dogs that needed re-homing and ask if I was able to do any volunteering to make a difference and help the animals.

On arrival, the centre looked incredible with large gravel placed on the floor for parking in contrast to the green space for dogs to go for their walk. The heat was radiating but stepping into the air-conditioned building hydrated us and freshened us up again! We could hear the dogs barking in excitement and frustration so hurried to sign in and meet them. Although we were not able to touch the dogs, we could see them clearly through a large window and they could smell us through tiny holes. To image what it was like, please watch the video below…

Ah, this advert gets me every-time

Majority of the dogs / pups had signs on their window telling us they were re-homed already which was such a comfort. However, the strays that were left in their kennels without a confirmed owner were heart-breaking to see. One of the large breeds lay on the floor of its kennel with a sign up telling us ‘she is a very friendly dog and finds it stressful being in the kennels.’ I held onto my heart but had to walk away before I had gotten too attached.

On the other hand, we met a lively little pooch named Suza who was a cross-breed! I was told that if I filled out a quite form, I was able to meet the pup and take the next steps from there. The assistant told us that Suza was found abandoned on a balcony by apartments and that the owner who took her in was unable to cope with the responsibility.
I had to meet the little one, so I answered the questions on the form, ticked the boxes and signed my name at the bottom (after reading it in detail of course!)

13754366_10154388691833993_8636302348617915826_n 13700184_10154388692053993_6366824672270280618_n

She was such a playful & energetic dog with so much love to give. Because she was a new-born puppy, she nibbled a lot but very gently. We played with her for a while in a compound area so we could see what she was like, how she interacted with us and if she adapted quickly which she did! I asked the lady if I could have some information in regards to fostering and she told me that they were in need for foster carers and that someone will be in touch with me very soon. I understood that looking after a puppy would be too much responsibility and therefore Fostering / Dog caring / Dog walking was something I was eager to find more information about!

I am determined to take more steps on getting involved with foster caring, and hopefully save those dogs who are feeling frustrated, depressed or unwanted. I also do not think this will be the last time I’ll be meeting Suza, so I will keep you updated by writing short dog-blogs of my next doggy-ventures…

If you would like to volunteer or help the animals to make a difference, then contact your local Animal Sanctuary or Dogs Trust and find out more information! Below are the details of where I went today and if you would like to visit the pets then I recommend you do as the staff were so kind and helpful – They helped me with all my inquiries and happy to assist us in what we needed from them.

Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary:-
Address: Front Lane, Brookmans Park Dr, Cranham, Upminster RM14 1LW
Tel: 01708 220168

Dogs Trust, Basildon:-
Address: Nevendon Rd, Wickford SS12 0FH
Tel: 01268 535050

**Contact the above places for voluntary work or foster caring**


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