Cutty Sark Adventures – Greenwich

Cutty Sark, the worlds sole surviving tea clipper and fastest ship of her time built in 1869. Set in Greenwich and facing the river Thames, this attraction is an award-winning place to visit.
The purpose of her was to carry tea back and from China, visiting every major port in the world. The is how she gained her fame for her record-breaking passages and now an amazing magnetism of history placed in London.


Wednesday 20th July after 6pm, myself and my partner in crime set out to visit the Cutty Sark in Greenwich not knowing what to expect. The heat hugged our bodies as we followed the herd towards the sunset into large gates. As we looked around we noticed Greenwich University situated next to us with an incredible view over-looking London and the River Thames.


Im sure that is sand!?

Im sure that is sand!?

Every avenue we approached and every passage we walked down looked like its own little showroom. Finally, after a short zigzagged walked, we stopped off for a lovely dinner at our favourite restaurant, Pizza Express!

Pollo Ad Astra - Classic

Pollo Ad Astra – Classic

Along our walk back around the ship, we found a magical carousel just made for me! Sadly it wasn’t on so I didn’t to ride it but I don’t think it will be our last time visiting here…

Now you see me..

Now you see me..

The sun set looked peaceful and couples, groups lay around us and sitting on benches observing it. The ripples laid on the river were highlighted by the scorching sunlight painted on rims of the still waves.




I look like I have a stomach ache, but this was the best picture of the bunch taken here!

I look like I have a stomach ache, but this was the best picture of the bunch taken here!

…and now for the best and most favourite picture of the day! …


I am everywhere

It took us 4 attempts to get this picture right! It would have taken us 3 if the bike rider didn’t speed passed us but alas, here it is! ❤ ❤

The buildings were beautiful, with small fountains placed on the people’s roundabout…


On the way home we found cute lil shops



We loved it here and give it a 5/5* rating!


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