FREE – Yoga & Mindfulness classes in the Park

Recently, I have been reading and practising the skillful art of mindfulness in my back garden. My yoga mat is placed in the middle of a green patch surrounded by white daisies and yellow buttercups, with my book laying at the top of the mat. I had just finished reading
‘Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes a Day to Less Stress, More Peace,’ by Dr Patrizia Collard.


The book teaches you of what mindfulness is and then guides you on different way of practising it. I felt so relaxed laying in the garden, reading and listening to the sounds around me…
Being mindful means giving you a sense of awareness, bringing you into the present moment and relieving you of everyday stresses and anxiety that you may have.

During the day, I visited my local library and noticed many activities for children but less things to do for adults. I thought about creating my own Yoga and Mindfulness classes in my back garden and hugged by the beautiful summer sunshine.

However, this morning, I was informed of new classes starting next Wednesday 27th in my local area of Romford. At Rise Park, classes are primarily targeted at adults and those who are finding it difficult to get back into activity, need to de-stress, overcome some barriers or feel they need some inspiration to get our there and learn something new whilst enjoying outdoor space!
Because this event is funded from Freesport  – by the Mayor of London and sponsored by Coca Cola Zero, Coca Cola Park Lives and London Sport, its absolutely FREE.

Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions in Rise Park:

Over 50s: 2-3pm
Under 50s: 6.30-7.30pm

Location: Rise Park, Beauly Way, Romford, RM1 4XH


As well as the Yoga and Mindfulness classes, they will also be teaching basic Tennis classes again for FREE. So you have no excuse by to get up and get fit!

Photoshoot for Omar Mansoors Wimbledon Collection

Photoshoot for Omar Mansoors Wimbledon Collection

Tennis Classes:

Friday 29th July for 6 weeks – All Beginners 

Location: Rise Park, Tennis Courts, Beauly Way, Romford, RM1 4XH

All you need to do to sign up is commit to 6 sessions out of the 8, running through to September and email your name and interest to:
Please include where you heard the event from (XnYStyle Blog / Amandeep Dhami) in your email

Remember to dress appropriately according to the weather as classes will be in outdoor with nature! Equipment will be provided. 

– Y –

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