AsianWedding & Lifestyle Mag: Film Review: Sarbjit


Film Review: Sarbjit                                                            Release Date: 20th May 2016

A gripping, heartfelt, emotional story of past, present and future events. The significance of love between siblings, partners, parents and children and the extent to which you would go to for fighting for the truth. The importance of your country, your home, and your ‘name.’ For Sarbjit Singh Atwal, his name was given no identity when he was kidnapped and taken hostage, accused of being a spy and bomber on Pakistani borders. With him given the false name of Ranjit Singh, the farmer battles the consequences being convicted of this terrorist, and lives through years of hope that he would be released back to his country, back to his family and back to tasting delicious homemade food.

This heart-breaking true story brings together many different themes, including war, inhumanity and un-forgiveness. An innocent, loving, family man imprisoned, isolated faced with injustice and life sentences without a voice to speak for himself. The only question he can repeat is ‘why, why me?’ It is an ongoing ordeal for a family who sacrificed years of their lives trying to free their blood, freeing the truth.

After viewing the private film screening, the audience left with tears streaming down. It left me with questions of ‘what is humanity? What is the meaning of religion or God if we cannot look after the human race? Why does this treatment still exist?’ Technology is so advanced nowadays that people are able to look through databases for a person’s profile centuries ago. Even listening to what the individual has to say before torturing him gives some understanding of the case before there is forced public outcry by family and friends. Today, there are still prisoners waiting to be released from Pakistan and India, who are falsely accused of committing crimes.

Regardless of where you are from or what religion you are, this movie can be looked as an educational documentary on the lives of innocent people for all to watch. It symbolises the differences in the term ‘power’ and the meaning of having a voice. One voice from a woman in a small village, moving the whole nation to free her brother.

A phenomenal film, definitely not one to miss.

R.I.P Sarbjit Singh Atwal

This article was written and is copyrighted for the Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine. 


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