Veer Events – Hostess do the Mostess

Saturday 23rd July was our first working date together! Yes, XnYStyle put to work at the Merdian Hotel, London to supervise at an event. The company Veer, previously known as Curry Special is a catering Events Management company who organise events all over London and the UK.

Because we have our own things going on during the week, we have now found a company we can work for together on the weekends just to spend time together and earn extra income. The events allow us to meet new people, help the organisation to set up the event and take care of everything happening during the hours the event starts and finishes.

Dress Code: Formal – Black Dress & Black Heels

We were told to arrive at 5.30pm for a 6pm start so that we could be briefed on everything that was happening and there to help last minute set-ups. The Meridian Hotel was beautiful inside with large mirrors and detailed interior designs. We looked after the guests in the drinks and canape reception room, next to the in-room bar whilst the main room was still being set up. An orchestra played music in the corner as guests arrived and people were soon ushered into the main hall and seated via a seating plan by the doors.


There were not many people there as the event was for a Wedding Anniversary. On the interval, guests were able to go back into the reception room to play a game of poker, car games for the children, surf-board bouncy castle and a caricature who went around drawing amazing pictures of couples. Unfortunately, we were unable to get our caricature done as she had to rush off, but we took her card anyway!

Saturday 30th July – The Brewery, Barbican – 5-10pm – Wedding Event


Sunday 31st July – The Natural History Museum, South Kensington – 7-11pm – Wedding Event


This is on-going work that we are doing whenever our weekends together are free- so keep a look out on any YouTube Videos we may post or on Social Media:

Follow our journey on SnapChat: mnakyri
Check out the pictures on Instagram: amandeep_dhami

Thank you to all the team at Veer Events Management too. We love working with you all and continue to build our relationships with the company. All the locations of the events are high class, organised with great attention to detail and succulent food. If you would like to get in touch with the Management team to plan your event and give you the best places at the best price then click onto:



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