Foam Photography Exhibition

The Foam Photography museum, based in Amsterdam, is one of the leading international photography organisations located in a beautiful old-school looking canal house at one of Amsterdam central canals. The Interior is designed with a mix of both original architectural features as well as modern designs which give of a super artistic ambiance for all museum go-ers (museaum go-ers unite! lol). With large glass windows positioned perfectly to highlight all unique photographs, its hard to leave such an authentic and kwerky place!


Thats me! ^

The museum updates and rotates its show often, often displaying small exhibits of different international artists at the same time. Its a great way to give an audience a chance to observe and analyse both world famous artists and photographers as well as up coming new talented individuals!


 In addition the FOAM organizes workshops, publishes its own magazine and sells limited editions of photographs. The museum collaborates with MTV to present each year an annual show featuring the works of young talent.


Show your support and explore!





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