Durdle Door


..Journey there.. (Scroll to the bottom for video)

Durdle Door, located 50 minutes from Bournemouth Beach was definitely a site to see. Having been here before and climbed the hills to take in the spectacular views, I never realised how amazing the sites actually were..


With it being all natural, the rocks that the arch is formed of is said to be approximately 140 years of age and therefore being situated in the Jurassic Coastline. Durdle Door is not only the most historical place to visit when going to Dorset, but is also visited by thousands of tourists daily.

You may have seen a glimpse of the beach in the film Nanny Mcphee as it is a famous geological wonder of the world! There are stairs to go down to the beach and back up again and let me tell you.. it was without a doubt a pretty heavy workout! Six tons of filming equipment was taken down to the beach by helicopter when the scene was being filmed, and I definitely needed some sort of transportation to get up and down!


Once we did make it to the bottom, we lay down on the rocky coastline closing our eyes and used our senses to be mindful of where we were. It was so calm and relaxing to just think of nothing but the sounds of the waves pushing against the rocks and taking in breaths of fresh air. The powerful works of nature. Even Amit said to me, “nature gives everything and asks for nothing in return.”





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