Road Trip: Bournemouth


After a thrill ride in Kent driving a Lamborghini and Ferarri, the next day I took another day trip to Bournemouth with my handsome other half!

(Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for the video!!)

Bournemouth beach is known as one of the safest beaches in the UK. Snugged beneath a sublime cliff-line, the shoreline relishes in its own micro-climate. No matter what the temperature, the beach has something for everyone even if its just enjoying the therapeutic views. Whether you’re sitting in a deckchair soaking in the sounds of the shore or strolling along the traditional seaside piers, Bournemouth is the ideal location for a weekend trip away or even a day trip just to admire the surroundings.


It was the first time we went to sandy beach together, so on arrival our shoes flew off and the sand quickly hugged our feet. There was a moment of silence before we looked up at each other smiling and again, skipped towards the rough and excited waters.


When continuing our walk, taking in the sites around us, we noticed an Aquarium nearby as well as small shops and cafes for food and drink. It was so nice how everything was close by and there was always something to stop off and visit.


It would have been a wasted journey if we didn’t take a stroll on the pier! Adult tickets were £1.10 each and was well worth it, making it the perfect location for a few ‘selfies’ and to capture the beautiful sites so that it was a memory we would take away forever…


Just a few more pictures..



– Y Style –


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