When it comes to supporting our local community, I am all for it! So when I drove to Hornchurch in Essex, I noticed Danni’s boutique open. I had driven past the shop numerous times before but never been inside and therefore thought why not just pop in!


The shop is named after the TOWIE star, Danni Armstrong which means it is a hot-spot for the TOWIE tours and anyone visiting Essex!


The interior inside was lovely and well thought of in regards to attention to detail. There was space to walk around and to also try items on.

Debbie, who is the mother Danni and manager of the store, assisted me and encouraged me to try on the gorgeous pieces they had in store.. then again, I needed no encouragement and couldn’t wait to try everything on!

Cindy Jumpsuit

~ Cindy Jumpsuit ~

This was my favourite item of clothing which was £45. I loved how sophisticated it looked, with the ‘off the shoulder’ style, the colour (nudes are my fav) and not to mention how comfortable it was! You could tell the material was long-lasting, stretchy and thick so could be worn anywhere and everywhere! Like Debbie said, “it can be worn as formal wear or for parties, even weddings!” I didn’t want to take it off..

(Sorry, I had to cover my bare face, it was a quick visit to Hornchurch!)

~ Ellie Jumpsuit ~

~ Ellie Jumpsuit ~

Next, was the Berry coloured Ellie Jumpsuit, also £45. Although, we loved the colour, I didn’t think it suited me as much as the previous jumpsuit. However, I would still recommend it as it was super comfortable and great for events coming up to Christmas! The low front looked sexy, yet still keeping it classy and practical.



This was picked out by Debbie, as I told her I have too many dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits! She said that although it is a two-piece, they could also be purchased separately. Again, the colour was beautiful against my skin-tone and material was thick and fitted. The sleeves hugged my arms, so I didn’t need to worry about pulling it up or down as the outfit moulded itself onto my body. The skirt had a laces on either side, giving it a subtle design. It was a nice relaxed, casual outfit.


Lastly, I went back to trying on another jumpsuit! However, this was quite different to the last two I tried on. The material was light polyester and was pleated so that it was easy to put on and pull off. Compared to the others, I thought this was quite casual yet could still be worn to parties as the colour is striking. I love these kind of jumpsuits as they really are easy to wear whenever you’re in a rush or just want to dress up but be cosy at the same time.

Not only does Danni’s boutique do clothing, but they also statement jewellery. There were so many designs that I wanted to try on and absolutely loved!! If you would like to see the full collection then please click onto:

NOTE: Some of the items above which I have tried on are not yet on the website. If you are interested in purchasing, then contact the store on 01708 450851.


Thank you Debbie for your assistance and I am sure I will be back soon for another browse around!

Y Style


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