Peanut Photography

We are proud to announce a weird yet wonderful new member to our XnYStyle team… Mr Parmjit Singh from Peanut Photography!



After an awesome test shoot together with our gorgeous little man, Marley, we were excited to have Peanut Photography on board for upcoming shoots! What we loved about Parm was that he had similar ideas and concepts as us and wanted to create images out of the norm. If we are able to experiment with ideas, whats going on around us and make it into art, it will speak a thousands words.

A little message from Parm:

‘I wanted to meet new up and coming models, help them out in some way and also to shoot more edgier, progression shots of Asian women to show their different sides and diversity. Exploring identities and cultures was something I was interested in and therefore contacted Aman and Emine. We met on the streets of East London and they bought their guard dog along. I don’t blame them; after all I was a complete stranger. We sat and chatted for an hour. I chat a lot. I ate some food, they watched me eat then we hit the main streets. We spent an hour shooting in a smelly warehouse area that you see in the shots. It was quick but we had a great time and I think we got some cool results. 

I am looking forward to working with the girls again soon. We want to create some cool, unique and out of the ordinary concepts which will inspire you and make you think differently. Lets bring news, history and art together to make something extraordinary.’


Facebook Page:

#XnYStyle #PeanutPhotography #Collaborations


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