Take me back to my younger days

As an adult, we have so much to think about, so much to do and responsibilities which soon build up. Sometimes we feel weak but don’t want to show it. We may feel problems arise from nowhere, and that there is a solution but it takes forever to find it or get there.

At the moment I feel trapped. I am struggling to find the independence I need due to rules I have to abide. Even if there is no respect, I have to follow the guidelines otherwise there will be consequences. You could say I am stuck between being an adult and a child, confused at which way to go or what routine I should be in. I will not bore you further with my problems even though it helps to look at other people’s issues rather than your own.

I have created bullet points of ways to stay mindful and relax when times are hard. It is always important to create time for yourself. Even when you don’t have the energy to do certain activities, there are other ways to release tension or feelings of anxiety, depression or anger.

  • Stick on a Disney movie – The reason to why I titled this blog ‘Take me back to my younger days’ and not ’10 ways to be mindful’ is because of this first bullet point! When I had this feeling of sadness and self-doubt, I felt stuck and confused. I sat in my room going over things in my head and my soul felt weaker and weaker. After a while, I put on my tablet and Alice in Wonderland popped up on my movie search. I instantly forgot about everything and sat on top of my bed feeling 10 years old again watching a Disney movie! Like I said before, if you feel like you are unable to move which is a typical symptom of depression, just a movie will take you back and all feelings of stress, anxiety, responsibilities will disappear.walt-disney-studios
  • Pot painting – Well any kind of painting! Recently, I was given a box of paints with an additional box of pots. I was asked to use my creative art skills to paint them so that they could be sold onto customers. Every evening after I had done my daily tasks, I would display all my art collectives on the table, put on some music and begin to paint. It was so soothing, relaxing and took up my full concentration. I felt like it was a great way to stay mindful in the moment and just take my mind of anything that was happening around me. Not only did it work for me but it attracted others to join in and get involved. It really was a stress release from work, relationships, daily struggles or just a time out. This was such a popular activity with everyone, I could have had a pot painting party! (Trust me, its cooler than it sounds)
  • Colouring Book – When you were younger, buying your first set of colouring pens, spilling them all out on the floor and hypnotised by all the colours was an amazing feeling was it not? So many colours, so much choice that you just ended up picking them all and scribbling around any space you found in the room. Yep… I know.Even reading and writing this, the feeling of joy comes rushing back to me again but its better when you actually re-live the moment, trust me. In shops like Tesco or The Works, you will find Adult Colouring books with different kinds of themes and patterns in them. There are animal ones, flower ones, even Harry Potter! I have a colouring book called ‘Mindfulness Companion’ which is a small book that allows me to colour in pages as well as completing small writing tasks. It is the best thing you will buy. Not only do I have one but so does my family now and my partner just bought his own (and stole my colouring pens). Give it a go… you don’t know till you try…
  • Take a walk – I am not telling you to run a marathon or dress up for a catwalk, just a walk down the road does a lot more than you think. Being cooped up in one space for a long time or stuck in your emotions can only lead to further mind-boggle… walk it out. You might think its effort to quickly put on a pair of joggers and sweater, but as soon as you step out into the fresh air, your mind becomes clearer.

Moment of thought:
Did you know that focusing on one object in your head, analysing it and questioning it increases your life expectancy? Use your brain to explore rather than destruct!

  • Writing – If you’re not talking to someone about the way you feel then writing it down helps to express all your emotions. By writing everything down means you are able to go back and work out what the cause is and to then find a solution. Some people can work this out straight away and take small steps to come back to the present moment. For others, it takes some time, but with these bullet points, you should be able to work through building a positive and healthy lifestyle once again!
  • Watching your favourite episode – similarly to watching your favourite Disney film. Every time I would come back from school, I would throw my bag onto the sofa and switch on the TV. Okay, after that I’d get shouted at and told to get changed out my uniform, but then stick on my favourite programme, Charmed. Mum would come into the room holding my warm cup of milk with two sugars and I would sink into the sofa, with my eyes glued onto the screen. Years and years later, I sit here watching the same episodes thinking mum will walk in any moment with my cup of milk. My point is, this is something I have watched since I was small and it’s something which I have carried on years and years later. It makes me feel comfortable and at home wherever I am, no many how many times I’ve seen it.The same goes for the show Friends. I have recently begun to watch it properly again and absolutely find it hilarious! The way the show is setup makes me feel warm and laugh with all the contrasting characters. I watch it so much that my partner recently just bought the F.R.I.E.N.D.S t-shirt by Warner Bros! So go watch your favourite childhood programme, whether it be Arthur, Hey Arnold, Mona the Vampire, Jungle Run, Art Attack or Finger Tips! You’ll be surprised at how quickly the memories coming rushing back to you.

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S T-Shirt

  • For depression, get a companion – Depression is an illness which can take over without you realising. Even when you do, you feel like it’s a mission to get out of it. I have spoken to a few therapists who have told me that one way of getting a patient out of depression is to tell them to get a dog. It sounds like a big responsibility and it is. But a dog gives you something to focus on as well as the love you need to give you a purpose. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted a dog, but wasn’t allowed because of school and work. If these are the same circumstances as yourself, then join your nearest RSPCA and adopt a dog for as long as you want, whenever you want to – a rewarding job where you’re not just helping yourself but doing a lot more.


  • Book a Holiday – Why would you want to hide yourself away when there is so much of the world to see? Recently I travelled to Bournemouth (which you will find on the Travels page) and although it wasn’t a plane journey away, I was still discovering something different, something I hadn’t seen before but heard about. Experiencing the world will give you an open mind, meet new people and delve into a completely new way of life and into a new culture. Ah… I might just plan a trip now!

    Click onto our 'Travel' page

    Click onto our ‘Travel’ page

There are many points I could give you and if you would like more information then please message us on the Contact Us page on the blog. X who is our trained psychologist, can help you to overcome your problems as well as other helplines which are listed below. If you feel stuck, then I recommend doing these activities. Remember it’s all in the mind and you have the power to control it…





 – Y –


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