Sealife Aquarium

A trip to the Sealife Aquarium was a first for me.

And I LOVED every moment of it!

The sheer number of different types of fish on display was crazy. Coral reef, rock pools, star fishes (which I actually touched), seahorses, rays, sharks, jellyfish and turtles just to name a few!

As a nature and animal lover, the sheer beauty of the turtle (in particular) just swimming about literally brought tears to my eyes – I’m sad I know lol.

The place was a lot bigger than I thought too! As you walk around there is a large number of informative screens which inform the public on the type of fish, what it eats and how it functions. I couldn’t help but notice that a large number were also deemed on the verge of extinction.


Photography by X

It is estimated that at the worlds current rate of decline, most of the worlds fish stocks could collapse within out lifetimes. Over half a billion people are deemed to depend on fish for food and as you can imagine, this is extremely likely to result in a number of ecological consequences.

Ultimately, I feel like I learnt a great deal during my visit. I was in an extremely fortunate position to learn about important conservative issues in a fun, entertaining and upbeat manner. I’m a fan of documentaries, however fishing isn’t usually my go-to topic. Despite such issues being deemed rather depressing , I was well informed about very important matters through an exciting, and memorable positive experience. As result, I feel like I have retained the information well and more inclined to pass it on! Not only do I feel more optimistic but also more pro-active about marine conservation.

I suppose that’s the good thing about my experience. I know it’s not to late to make a difference. There are a number of things we all can do to sustainably recover fish stocks. For example, we can stop buying fish from badly managed stocks, or refuse to buy fish caught with damaging methods. No matter where we work or shop, we can all make this change which will eventually lead to long-term benefits for all.


Photography by X



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