Go Naked!

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Okay, I don’t literally mean walk around naked… but when it comes to your face then minimal makeup is the one right now.

Versace, Milan Fashion Week 16

Versace, Milan Fashion Week 16

My first makeup product was an eyeliner given to me from my sister’s makeup pouch. We both walked home together after I had my contact lenses check-up (aged 12), and she commented saying “your eyes look dead, you need to put some eyeliner on!”  I carefully pulled my eyelids up and down, side to side and all of a sudden my eyes looked bigger than I had ever seen them before! After that, I never walked out the house without my black crayon.

Be that as it may, 9 years later I have put my pencil down. Well, not literally down but half way! I actually feel like eyeliner sometimes makes my eyes look smaller and therefore only apply a small amount on my waterline, top and bottom with more mascara than liner.
The less I put on, the fresher, cleaner and natural I feel my makeup looks.

SS 16 Fashion Week - Naked eyes, pop of colour on lips

SS 16 Fashion Week – Naked eyes, pop of colour on lips

Concentrate more on your makeup base, and highlight your cheek bones to give yourself a beautiful natural glow. The results are will be brilliant and define your facial features without mounts of layers on your face.

To sharpen the look, tie your hair up into a high ponytail, or leave it open and slicked back. For people who have small faces like myself, this is especially a good look to do! The more you push back your hair, the more detail people can see of your face. It’s the I’ve-made-no-effort kind of style!


Just remember, less really is more…