Foam Photography Exhibition

The Foam Photography museum, based in Amsterdam, is one of the leading international photography organisations located in a beautiful old-school looking canal house at one of Amsterdam central canals. The Interior is designed with a mix of both original architectural features as well as modern designs which give of a super artistic ambiance for all museum go-ers (museaum go-ers unite! lol). With large glass windows positioned perfectly to highlight all unique photographs, its hard to leave such an authentic and kwerky place!


Thats me! ^

The museum updates and rotates its show often, often displaying small exhibits of different international artists at the same time. Its a great way to give an audience a chance to observe and analyse both world famous artists and photographers as well as up coming new talented individuals!


 In addition the FOAM organizes workshops, publishes its own magazine and sells limited editions of photographs. The museum collaborates with MTV to present each year an annual show featuring the works of young talent.


Show your support and explore!




Veer Events – Hostess do the Mostess

Saturday 23rd July was our first working date together! Yes, XnYStyle put to work at the Merdian Hotel, London to supervise at an event. The company Veer, previously known as Curry Special is a catering Events Management company who organise events all over London and the UK.

Because we have our own things going on during the week, we have now found a company we can work for together on the weekends just to spend time together and earn extra income. The events allow us to meet new people, help the organisation to set up the event and take care of everything happening during the hours the event starts and finishes.

Dress Code: Formal – Black Dress & Black Heels

We were told to arrive at 5.30pm for a 6pm start so that we could be briefed on everything that was happening and there to help last minute set-ups. The Meridian Hotel was beautiful inside with large mirrors and detailed interior designs. We looked after the guests in the drinks and canape reception room, next to the in-room bar whilst the main room was still being set up. An orchestra played music in the corner as guests arrived and people were soon ushered into the main hall and seated via a seating plan by the doors.


There were not many people there as the event was for a Wedding Anniversary. On the interval, guests were able to go back into the reception room to play a game of poker, car games for the children, surf-board bouncy castle and a caricature who went around drawing amazing pictures of couples. Unfortunately, we were unable to get our caricature done as she had to rush off, but we took her card anyway!

Saturday 30th July – The Brewery, Barbican – 5-10pm – Wedding Event


Sunday 31st July – The Natural History Museum, South Kensington – 7-11pm – Wedding Event


This is on-going work that we are doing whenever our weekends together are free- so keep a look out on any YouTube Videos we may post or on Social Media:

Follow our journey on SnapChat: mnakyri
Check out the pictures on Instagram: amandeep_dhami

Thank you to all the team at Veer Events Management too. We love working with you all and continue to build our relationships with the company. All the locations of the events are high class, organised with great attention to detail and succulent food. If you would like to get in touch with the Management team to plan your event and give you the best places at the best price then click onto:


AsianWedding & Lifestyle Mag: Film Review: Sarbjit


Film Review: Sarbjit                                                            Release Date: 20th May 2016

A gripping, heartfelt, emotional story of past, present and future events. The significance of love between siblings, partners, parents and children and the extent to which you would go to for fighting for the truth. The importance of your country, your home, and your ‘name.’ For Sarbjit Singh Atwal, his name was given no identity when he was kidnapped and taken hostage, accused of being a spy and bomber on Pakistani borders. With him given the false name of Ranjit Singh, the farmer battles the consequences being convicted of this terrorist, and lives through years of hope that he would be released back to his country, back to his family and back to tasting delicious homemade food.

This heart-breaking true story brings together many different themes, including war, inhumanity and un-forgiveness. An innocent, loving, family man imprisoned, isolated faced with injustice and life sentences without a voice to speak for himself. The only question he can repeat is ‘why, why me?’ It is an ongoing ordeal for a family who sacrificed years of their lives trying to free their blood, freeing the truth.

After viewing the private film screening, the audience left with tears streaming down. It left me with questions of ‘what is humanity? What is the meaning of religion or God if we cannot look after the human race? Why does this treatment still exist?’ Technology is so advanced nowadays that people are able to look through databases for a person’s profile centuries ago. Even listening to what the individual has to say before torturing him gives some understanding of the case before there is forced public outcry by family and friends. Today, there are still prisoners waiting to be released from Pakistan and India, who are falsely accused of committing crimes.

Regardless of where you are from or what religion you are, this movie can be looked as an educational documentary on the lives of innocent people for all to watch. It symbolises the differences in the term ‘power’ and the meaning of having a voice. One voice from a woman in a small village, moving the whole nation to free her brother.

A phenomenal film, definitely not one to miss.

R.I.P Sarbjit Singh Atwal

This article was written and is copyrighted for the Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine. 

Cutty Sark Adventures – Greenwich

Cutty Sark, the worlds sole surviving tea clipper and fastest ship of her time built in 1869. Set in Greenwich and facing the river Thames, this attraction is an award-winning place to visit.
The purpose of her was to carry tea back and from China, visiting every major port in the world. The is how she gained her fame for her record-breaking passages and now an amazing magnetism of history placed in London.


Wednesday 20th July after 6pm, myself and my partner in crime set out to visit the Cutty Sark in Greenwich not knowing what to expect. The heat hugged our bodies as we followed the herd towards the sunset into large gates. As we looked around we noticed Greenwich University situated next to us with an incredible view over-looking London and the River Thames.


Im sure that is sand!?

Im sure that is sand!?

Every avenue we approached and every passage we walked down looked like its own little showroom. Finally, after a short zigzagged walked, we stopped off for a lovely dinner at our favourite restaurant, Pizza Express!

Pollo Ad Astra - Classic

Pollo Ad Astra – Classic

Along our walk back around the ship, we found a magical carousel just made for me! Sadly it wasn’t on so I didn’t to ride it but I don’t think it will be our last time visiting here…

Now you see me..

Now you see me..

The sun set looked peaceful and couples, groups lay around us and sitting on benches observing it. The ripples laid on the river were highlighted by the scorching sunlight painted on rims of the still waves.




I look like I have a stomach ache, but this was the best picture of the bunch taken here!

I look like I have a stomach ache, but this was the best picture of the bunch taken here!

…and now for the best and most favourite picture of the day! …


I am everywhere

It took us 4 attempts to get this picture right! It would have taken us 3 if the bike rider didn’t speed passed us but alas, here it is! ❤ ❤

The buildings were beautiful, with small fountains placed on the people’s roundabout…


On the way home we found cute lil shops



We loved it here and give it a 5/5* rating!

Open Day & Dogs Trust

“London will see temperatures hitting 26 degrees today, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day!”  As I sat cross-legged on the sofa listening to the weather man, I meditated on the thought of what clothing I should pick out today. Those who live in England can relate to when I say that climate change is quite unpredictable when it comes to London or the UK for that matter! One minute there is heatwave, and the next there are thunderstorms and flashes of lightening to follow thereafter.

Disregarding these minor factors, I had it written in my dairy weeks before of attending an opening day for Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary in Upminster! Unfortunately, when it comes to finding things to do in my area, it is quite difficult to find out what is going on and therefore I miss-out on showing my support in my local area. It is nice to go local rather than travelling into London 24/7!

Every Friday my dad buys the Romford Recorder which tells the locals what is going on in Essex on the weekend and who is doing what, so this is where I found the advertisement:


The drive was swiftly pleasant and we arrived within 20 minutes, no traffic. Their were people walking in and out with their dogs and holding new purchases. Because of the glorious weather, the event was organised in the outside open space. A cue formed by the entrance to where we found individuals gathering as many fresh cakes and drinks as they could in each hand.
As we walked further, we split on the fork of a pathway to the right and visited the dogs who were out for re-homing. Sadly we were conceded to view them from a distance which was distressing for the animals along with us.

We returned this time to the left-side of the fork to find a dog show going on. There were dogs of all sizes and I was tempted to pick a few up to take back home! Luckily, I was tamed from doing so! After watching the show and the little ‘award ceremony’, we returned to the stalls making our way back to my car. I couldn’t help myself to buy freshly made candy-floss on my return as the smell of fried onions and sweets watered my tongue whilst we walked.


Once we sat back in the car, we decided to go to Basildon and visit the Dogs Trust centre as it was only a 20 minute drive from Upminster. I had always wanted to go to see the dogs that needed re-homing and ask if I was able to do any volunteering to make a difference and help the animals.

On arrival, the centre looked incredible with large gravel placed on the floor for parking in contrast to the green space for dogs to go for their walk. The heat was radiating but stepping into the air-conditioned building hydrated us and freshened us up again! We could hear the dogs barking in excitement and frustration so hurried to sign in and meet them. Although we were not able to touch the dogs, we could see them clearly through a large window and they could smell us through tiny holes. To image what it was like, please watch the video below…

Ah, this advert gets me every-time

Majority of the dogs / pups had signs on their window telling us they were re-homed already which was such a comfort. However, the strays that were left in their kennels without a confirmed owner were heart-breaking to see. One of the large breeds lay on the floor of its kennel with a sign up telling us ‘she is a very friendly dog and finds it stressful being in the kennels.’ I held onto my heart but had to walk away before I had gotten too attached.

On the other hand, we met a lively little pooch named Suza who was a cross-breed! I was told that if I filled out a quite form, I was able to meet the pup and take the next steps from there. The assistant told us that Suza was found abandoned on a balcony by apartments and that the owner who took her in was unable to cope with the responsibility.
I had to meet the little one, so I answered the questions on the form, ticked the boxes and signed my name at the bottom (after reading it in detail of course!)

13754366_10154388691833993_8636302348617915826_n 13700184_10154388692053993_6366824672270280618_n

She was such a playful & energetic dog with so much love to give. Because she was a new-born puppy, she nibbled a lot but very gently. We played with her for a while in a compound area so we could see what she was like, how she interacted with us and if she adapted quickly which she did! I asked the lady if I could have some information in regards to fostering and she told me that they were in need for foster carers and that someone will be in touch with me very soon. I understood that looking after a puppy would be too much responsibility and therefore Fostering / Dog caring / Dog walking was something I was eager to find more information about!

I am determined to take more steps on getting involved with foster caring, and hopefully save those dogs who are feeling frustrated, depressed or unwanted. I also do not think this will be the last time I’ll be meeting Suza, so I will keep you updated by writing short dog-blogs of my next doggy-ventures…

If you would like to volunteer or help the animals to make a difference, then contact your local Animal Sanctuary or Dogs Trust and find out more information! Below are the details of where I went today and if you would like to visit the pets then I recommend you do as the staff were so kind and helpful – They helped me with all my inquiries and happy to assist us in what we needed from them.

Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary:-
Address: Front Lane, Brookmans Park Dr, Cranham, Upminster RM14 1LW
Tel: 01708 220168

Dogs Trust, Basildon:-
Address: Nevendon Rd, Wickford SS12 0FH
Tel: 01268 535050

**Contact the above places for voluntary work or foster caring**

Robinson R44 Helicopter Lesson at Fly Pig Helicopters

14th July 2016
Flying Pig Helicopters – Borhemwood

‘The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.’
J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Today, I enjoyed a wonderful day out with my partner in crime for our first trial lesson in a helicopter! It was the perfect weather to fly, so we enjoyed our time in Borhemwood at the Flying Pig Helicopters outdoor airfield having some brunch on arrival.

We sat outdoors by the planes (pictures below) at the IKARON Restaurant & Cafe and pig’d out before going for a briefing to learn all about the controls and safety procedures. Brian, our safety instructor who also took our pictures, was the life of the business making us laugh and smile throughout the day!

A quick thank you to the lady at the desk who offered to give me her ballet-pump shoes for the duration of the flight (as my heels were not allowed on the helicopter), and also to Ray, our captain and pilot of the Robinson R44 Helicopter.

Enjoy our pictures and video!

Dress: Boohoo – Blazer: Miss Selfridge – Shoes & Shades: Aldo – Scarf: Dubai – Bag: Fossil


X N Y:

On Saturday 14th May, 2016, we organised a photoshoot in an amazing location, situated in West London. Our Hair and Make-up was done by Kelly Rai, (full details below), and our brilliant photographer was Amit Gopeenauth who captured some great moments!

Unfortunately, we were unable to wear the designers beautiful bridal collection as she had lost contact with us while we were on the way to the shoot! That however, did not stop us from exploring the old mansion grounds we were in and still photographing the scenic views as well as having fun along the way.

Here are just some of the picture we took during the day – some professional and some just showing our true X n Y Style !



Hair & Make-up: Kelly Rai
Contact Number: 07909798251

Private Photographer: Amit Gopeenauth

Models: Amandeep Dhami & Emine Kyriacou

Location: West London

NOTE: If sharing any of these pictures on social media, please add credited names!!

The Van Gogh Museum

“…My plan for my life is to make paintings and drawings, as many and as well as I can – then, when my life is over, I hope to depart in no other way than looking back with love and wistfulness and thinking, oh paintings that I would have made!”

Vincent Van Gogh, 1883.

Vincent Van Gogh had great intensity of purpose. With sheer discipline and iron perseverance every drawing and painting better than the last. The Van Gogh museum’s collection of paintings and drawings is on a permanent loan from the Vincent van Gogh Foundation. Every year, approximately 1.5 million visitors from around the world come to Amsterdam to admire his work- its hard to believe than even Van Gogh himself once despaired the lack of interest his work received.

The Simple Life

It was at the age of 27 than Van Gogh found his true passion- Art. He began to make ‘peasant life’ his main subject. Bear in mind that at a time with increasing industrialization he often admired and preferred the honest, and simple aspects of rural life which primarily revolved around nature.


Flowers in France

In 1885 he moved to Antwerp and explored its surrounding areas such as Paris. He soon found new inspiration in the developing cities. However it was during his time in the south of France, Arles that his new found curiosity with artistic flowering blossomed.

           images (3)

Van Gogh painted 5 versions of a big bunch of sunflowers in a vase or a pot. The first in the august of 1888- when sunflowers are in bloom – and the other 4 later. Using several shades of yellow he achieved a radiant colour harmony.

The Ear Incident
(Probably the reason why you’re still reading this)

In 1888, Van Gogh and his friend, another established painter named Gauguin had a discussion that got out hand. Vincent began to display irrational behaviour by threatening Gauguin with a razor. Later than evening, Vincent made the decision to cut off part of his own left ear, which he then presented to a prostitute. As the days went on, Vincent began to have no memory of the incident at all, so doctors began to question his sanity.

Van Gogh in Numbers

Despite his illness, Van Gogh left behind over 860 paintings, 1,200 drawings and 820 letters. The Van Gogh museum manages the largest and diverse collections of his works in the world: 200 painting, 500 drawings, 4 sketchbooks and almost all his letters.

If ever in Amsterdam, be sure to visit, it’s an experience you will never forget!

‘A consolatory art for distressed hearts’


V&A – Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

A treat to myself from the V&A

A treat to myself from the V&A

‘Lingerie isn’t about seduction,
it’s about being a woman.’
– Dita Von Teese, Burlesque artiste

‘Never underestimate the importance of lingerie.
Worn to preserve our modesty as well as support and shape our bodies, gorgeous underwear also has the power to change how a woman looks, feels, and conducts herself. It is the foundation of personal style, a reflection of a lady’s innermost passions, and a sensual secret that only she, the wearer, chooses to conceal or reveal.’
– The Bare Essentials, A Passion for lingerie by Tracy Martin

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Exhibition: London, Kensington – On until Sunday 12th March 2017

Today I visited the V&A museum to learn about the history of lingerie.
I myself regard lingerie as a hidden secret chosen by oneself out of comfort or pleasure. It is private, even mysterious to the outside world that only you yourself are aware of.

Although women may compare under-garments to materials such as make-up or shoes, lingerie is a symbol of ones individuality. The design not only represents how a woman regards her body, but it also gives her great poise and self-confidence.

Many of us judge each other or ourselves for looking too thin or too plump, and therefore are our own tyrants! However, brush a little lace, ribbon, pearls and ruffles against our skins and we instantly have an adoration for ourselves.

Lingerie is something which I have thought about for a long period of time and therefore could write paragraphs and pages about it. Be that as it may, I will leave you with one thing…
Lingerie is not something to be immediately be associated with sex or sexual pleasure, rather it is a necessity for our ourselves.

Try it, enjoy it and please yourself…

V&A - Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

 5/5 Stars – Great day out!

Trapped in my own Memory

Y- Short Story

It was 8am on a Saturday morning and the entire house smelt of alcohol which ran through Papa’s breath from Friday evening. The smell was stronger than bleach and I hated it. I didn’t understand why he had to drink so much, but then I couldn’t understand as I was only 5 years old at the time.

“Mum!” I called out, rushing down the stairs. Before I had even turned my head around the banister again to see what had happened or if Stranger was there, my heart began to pound. My tanned knees looked as though they had been brushed with black shoe polish and my feet were covered in scabs from the night before. I was unable to run, but limped my way through the corridor as fast as I could. Printed blood marks soon appeared as I witnessed my mother laying on the floor in glass.

Papa owned properties within central London and therefore I would say that we were quite well off. He married my mother Ina at age 26 when his parents looked for a girl just as wealthy as their family. Mother was beautiful. She had light brown eyes and dark brunette hair which waved down just past her shoulders. It always smelt of fresh crunchy green apples and I would brush my face in it, tickling my nose anytime she held me tight.

After a few years of marriage, mother had my older sister Victoria and after 3 years, I was born. Things began to change as I turned 2 and life was not the same again. Although I had to call him Papa out of respect, I secretly named him ‘Stranger.’ He was never in the public eye, but affiliated with well-known people through his company Jaga Properties. That is why I think he got away with most of the things he did to me and my mother.

I remember on Friday morning after Papa’s two friends had left the house, he walked into the living room and turned into Stranger, pulling on my mother’s hair. As he took a bite into her shoulder, her silky grey blouse ripped and she let out a shriek. I sat on the stairs with my hands over my eyes listening to the sound of mother struggling. Lifting my head, I saw Stranger looking over at me with his hands still pulling on my mother and his chest on her back. I froze. My upper body was paralysed and I thought if I didn’t move, he would think I was just an illusion. A few seconds had passed, I slowly gathered my stance again and I flew into my room. The sound of footsteps approached. Stranger had punched the door open and stood watching me under my bed in silence. After praising my sister about her intelligence and beauty, he began to complain about me, his only son the heir to his thrown but a complete failure. I couldn’t understand why he thought I was a “failure” as I was still only young but that was the last thing on my mind. Stranger grabbed hold of my toes and pulled them as hard as he could until I was laying on his feet. He told me to bow down to him and kiss his shoes before he stomped at the back of my head. I felt completely dazed and fell to my side.

Evening had come and I was drawing under my bed. Mother must had snuck paper and colouring pencils during Papa’s absence. I could hear voices downstairs which grew louder but knew I was safer staying put where I was rather than seeing the situation downstairs. I hid the paper and pencils under small chest of draws by the bed before Papa found out, otherwise I knew mother would get a beating. The voices had stopped, but by the time I looked up to say thank you to God for protecting my mother today there was a smash of glass on the floor. “If you feed that child of yours today, you will regret it.” The thought of not getting fed had killed my stomach but I was happy that my mother was left untouched. I crawled into bed with my left hand whilst my right arm wrapped itself around my bone-y ribs. The whole night I whispered and chanted, “Food, food, bring me food. Give me some bread, please any old food.” It was useless. My chest pulled itself upwards and I sat like a doll looking at my feet. The last time my mother tried giving me food secretly, Stranger cut a slit on her stomach where I was born. The pain hurt me just as much as it hurt her and at that moment I knew Papa was dead to me.
I tugged on my weak legs to bring them forward so I could grab hold of my feet. Picking on them slowly, I chewed on my skin with my eyes shut tightly and gathered as much saliva as my body could generate to swallow. The reason to why I targeted my feet was because they would either be covered with socks or shoes and therefore Papa’s friends or work people wouldn’t suspect anything. Even if they did, they probably wouldn’t have the guts to speak up as Papa was so powerful.

On Saturday afternoon mother gave me a bath and dressed me in new clothing she had bought. Every time she was allowed with me she would whisper in my ear, “Nile, I will always love you,” with a few tears rolling down her cheeks. I never saw my sister as she was taken to a grammar school and anytime she was home, Papa would have her in his laps singing songs she had learnt. That day she was again dropped off to her school and I knew I wouldn’t see her for a month or two.

As soon as evening arrived, life wasn’t the same.

Stranger’s eyes were blood shot and I could even see the colour green around his pupils. I couldn’t guess the amount he drank, but I knew it wasn’t going to be a good night. “Nile!” he shouted. I stepped foot into the living room and waited as he poured in some whiskey. “Tonight you will stay in your room and if you come out, I will break your teeth one by one.” I knew he wouldn’t touch my teeth but I also knew it wasn’t an empty threat so I did as I was told. Struggling to lift my legs up one by one up the stairs, I reached my room leaving half the door open to let mother know I was there. I felt it was my duty to protect her and by leaving the door open, it gave me that confirmation. Once reaching my bed, I again lifted my feet up towards my face and chewed before going to sleep. At 2am I heard noises coming from the room a few doors down from mine. “Shut up you bitch!” shouted Stranger whilst mother cried “stop.” The door was then bashed open and I heard, “punch me again! Touch me again stupid woman!” I peeked up from the covers and peered through the gap in my door. Mother clasped her teary eyes with mine for a split second before being dragged by her hair down the stairs. I leaped from the bed and charged down the stairs on my tip-toes. Praying that mother was okay, I held the banister and turned my head to see what was happening in the kitchen. I saw Strangers whiskey glass smash on my mother’s hand and a piece of the glass being cut across her head. My eyes shut but the pain grew as I listened and scratched down the sides of my head until there was blood. The screaming and crying was too much to handle.
There was a loud thud and then silence. My head frantically moved up and my mouth dropped looking towards the front door.

“Mum!” I called out, rushing down the stairs. Before I had even turned my head around the banister again to see what had happened or if Stranger was there my heart began to pound. My tanned knees looked as though they had been brushed with black shoe polish and my feet were covered in scabs from the night before. I was unable to run, but limped my way through the corridor as fast as I could. Printed blood marks soon appeared as I witnessed my mother laying on the floor in glass.

“I’m sorry Nile, I love you,” she whispered.


My name is Nile. I am 50 years old with a paralysed memory. Dear God, if you can hear me tell my mother “I love you too.”


This is a fictional story inspired by real life stories

For Adult Therapy, Contact: 
OR share your story with us by either commenting below or using the Contact Us  page.

H.O.P.E – Hold On Pain Ends